If you would like information on the sacraments at Mary Queen of Heaven, you may call the Rectory Office at (718) 763-2330 or submit an email inquiry(, and you will be contacted by a member of the parish staff. Thank you for your interest.

Learn more about the Seven Sacraments.

Baptisms are generally scheduled for the last Sunday of each month with Baptism Preparation classes held the first Saturday of the month. Please contact Fr. Tom a minimum of six weeks prior to your requested Baptism date in order to register for the class and finalize the arrangements for the Baptism of your child.

Confession can be heard in the Church every Saturday from 4:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The reconciliation room makes it possible for either face-to-face or screened confession. During Advent and Lent, special parish penitential services are held during which the choice of several confessors is available.

First Communion
The children of the parish receive First Communion after two years of religious education. The celebration of the sacrament takes place in the spring after the preparation of the children and their parents have been completed. For more information, please contact the Office of Religious Education (718-763-2590).

Young people begin their formal preparation for the reception of the sacrament in Grade 7 and the Bishop administers the sacrament in the fall as they begin Grade 8. A special retreat day is required for all those who seek to confirm their faith as young adults. For more information, please call the Office of Religious Education (718-763-2590).

Please speak with Fr. Tom or Dcn. Jean Baptiste at least 9 months before your wedding. Access to obtain Pre-Cana information.

Anointing of the Sick
If someone at home is seriously ill, please call the Rectory Office (718-763-2330) to arrange for a Priest to celebrate the Sacrament of Anointing in your home.

Holy Orders:
Anyone seeking information regarding the Priesthood, Permanent Deaconate, Religous Life, or to serve in our Parish as a Lay Minister, please speak with Fr. Tom. “By your endurance you will gain your souls” Are you being invited to gain your soul and the souls of countless others for Christ as a priest, deacon or in the consecrated life? Contact the Vocation Office at 718-827-2454 or send them an email.

Communion for the Home Bound
Call the Rectory. We will be pleased to bring Communion to anyone in the Parish. Please let us know if someone in your family or a parishioner is in the hospital.