The Shepherd’s Voice 4/16/2017 – HAPPY EASTER!

There is always such excitement and joy around Easter Sunday.  Our attendance at Mass more than doubles, and we always welcome new people.  We have just accepted candidates through the sacraments.  The church is radiant with flowers and song.  This is more than a spring festival.

What is the cause of all this joy?  It is the event we are celebrating, an extraordinary, earth-shaking (literally!) event.  Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed to be the Messiah and the Son of God, who was tortured and executed, and was left dead and buried, is no longer in the tomb!  And he was seen, and touched, by his followers over a period of forty days!

Jesus is risen!  Death could not hold him.  Sin and evil did not win the contest.  God, and love, and mercy are victorious.  And so are we; death does not have the final word over us or over the ones we love.  In Christ, in his death and resurrection, made effective for us in our baptism renewed ritually this day, is our hope of eternal life.

Alleluia! Happy Easter!

In the Good Shepherd,
Father Tom Leach


50/50 Raffle Reminder

Envelopes for the March 50/50 Raffle are available in church and can be returned in the collection basket or at the Rectory Office. The drawing will be held in church on Sunday, April 2nd. One chance is $20.00. The more people who are in it, the more money you will receive when you win it!