About Us

Welcome to Mary Queen of Heaven Brooklyn! As a parish church serving the people of the Old Mill Basin neighborhood for over 89 years, we are a community of everyday people in which Jesus Christ is central to all we do.  Together we hope to transform our city with the love, hope, and compassion of God.  We invite you to visit us and consider our parish your new home.  We cant wait to meet you!

Rev. Thomas F. Leach, Pastor
Rev. Msgr. John A. Burns, Pastor Emeritus
Rev. Ikenna Okagbue, Parochial Vicar
Dcn. Jean Baptiste Boursiquot, Haitian Ministry

Mrs. Mary-Cassandra Odenat, Parish Secretary
Mrs. Mary Casatelli, School of Religion Principal
Ms. Kathleen Lauria, Ministry of Consolation
Ms. Carol Polanish, St. Vincent de Paul Society 
Ms. Carol Ann Salamone, Ministry to the Homebound
Ms. Helen James, Immigration Resource Ministry
Ms. Mary Bellone, Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Academy Principal